At one point in a Feng Shui Consultation the Bagua enters, and the way you see your space changes forever. Not only is it a front door or a bedroom, it is a messenger of the invisible forces operating in your life. Your Feng Shui eyes guide you through your space.

There are nine areas in the Bagua, each representing the invisible forces of specific areas in your life i.e. wealth, reputation, health, relationships, life path, creative projects, benefactors, family and your inner magnificence.  The Bagua is placed on a floor plan of your home just like a template so you can identify each area and determine which of the nine areas is in each part of your home.

Below is the Bagua, the template, with areas of your life shown. It is in the Feng Shui consultation that the deep meaning and Feng Shui remedies are revealed.



Standing at your front door, hold the Bagua in you hands like a dinner plate. The front door will be in self knowledge, career or benefactors. The area of your home in the top left corner represents your wealth/abundance. The area in the top right corner represents your partnership/marriage area.

When looking with Feng Shui eyes, you see clues that reveal challenges you have in those areas. Feng Shui adjustments and remedies are designed to release what is holding you back.

Let me know what you discover as you use the Bagua to see your home with new eyes.

The Bagua ~ See Your Space With Feng Shui Eyes

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