Have you ever received a “calling” to make a change in your life? Perhaps to move to a new job, change your lifestyle, or leave a relationship. A “calling” is a message you cannot ignore.

Here are some ways “callings” show up:

  • You get a message as a strong intuition that feels compelling. You know at a deep level that this is for you.
  • A lyric in a song or a passage in a book grabs you, and it feels like guidance.
  • An opportunity shows up, and you strongly react to “no.” When the “no” arises suddenly, your subconscious mind fears the possible change. It is worth exploring.
  • Inspiration strikes by an experience that involves creativity, such as writing, painting, playing music, doodling, or cooking. Notice the messages you receive when doing any creative activity.

Check out this “calling” that did not give up on me.

I loved being a high school teacher and connecting with teenagers. I always said what you see is what you get with teens because they show you who they are in each moment. They are genuine while transforming in their cocoon of adolescence.

Teaching allowed me to share information, listen to their questions, and guide them to discover their unique strengths, gifts, and talents. Teaching is a two-way street. I learned as much from them as they learned from me.

I was inspired watching them open to their Inner Magnificence. Something they would carry with them their entire life.

And then, one day, I heard the “calling” to leadership.

I was enthusiastic about the possibilities of my position as a high school administrator. I could make a bigger difference for more people, which was exciting.

After more schooling and a new credential, I was ready for my new role as a high school vice-principal.

I took my enthusiasm, my teaching experience, and my expectations into day one of my new “callings.” I was ready to make a difference on a larger scale.

Expectations can sabotage even the most dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic person. There is no room for expectations in a “calling”. “Callings” have their own way of unfolding that do not conform to expectations.

~ Nancy Dadami

My expectations created disappointment which led to thoughts that I might have made a mistake. At that point, I did not realize my expectations were the problem.

I kept feeling high levels of stress and frustration. I wanted things to change.

One afternoon, sitting in my office, I remembered how much joy I felt as a teacher, connecting with teens-agers and witnessing them awaken to their inner magnificence.

I thought about leaving my position and going back to teaching. I did not want to do this anymore.

I decided to sleep on the idea and see how I felt in the morning.

When I left for the day, I started my car and attempted to put it into reverse. I could not get my car into reverse. What the heck? I want to go home. I tried again. I could not believe this. Why can't I get this car into reverse? I got upset, started banging on the steering wheel, and tried to force the gear shifter into reverse, but no luck.

I paused, turned the car off, and waited a few minutes, thinking that might help. When I started the car, I still couldn't get the car into reverse.

That is when I started laughing after I heard, “You can't go back.” That was one of those cosmic messages that come you don't expect. I connected with no reverse in my car and no reverse in my “calling.” My experience showed me there is no going back. That's when I realized I was “called” to leadership, t came from a bigger source than me. Now I must step into the position and grow because this is my new path.

The Power of A “Calling” Won’t Be Denied

~ Nancy dadami

When you look at what is happening in the world now, you cannot go back to how things were before the pandemic. None of us are sure what's coming, yet you are being “called” to a new world. How will you answer the call?

What is calling you?

While driving home that day, I asked myself, “How can I make this situation a win-win for everyone so I can serve at my highest potential and benefit students, faculty, and parents?”

I could complain, or I could choose to see it as an adventure in personal growth and destiny. I chose the adventure, and it made all the difference.

What is your “I can't go in reverse” story?

  • What do you want to go back to that does not seem possible?
  • What are you ready to release in your life or business?
  • What are you being called to in your life? More meaning, purpose, soul connection, peace?

You may not know how it will happen yet. The question is, “Are you willing to choose the adventure?” If you have a comment, question, or want support for your “calling,” reach out to me. I am here to serve you.

The Cosmic Message That Changed Everything