golden gate bridge background Nancy in foregroundThe first step to a better world begins with you. Do you know the benefits of being kind to yourself?

Being kind to yourself or others can improve your overall well-being.

When did you last focus on treating yourself with kindness and self-compassion?

Personal Benefits of Kindness

The benefits of kindness are more than feeling good. Kindness affects the well-being of your body and your mind. Here are some benefits of being and showing kindness to yourself and others.

  • Kindness slows down the aging process. People who volunteer tend to have fewer aches and pains.
  • Kindness improves relationships and connections with others. You are uplifted when you perform acts of kindness for yourself or others.
  • Kindness increases happiness. In a study by The Journal of Social Psychology, those who practiced an act of kindness each day were happier than those who did not.
  • Kindness boosts your self-love and self-respect. It makes you happier and in an elevated mood more often.
  • Kindness helps prevent illnesses caused by inflammation. Volunteering seems to lower the levels of inflammation in your body. Oxytocin is released, even from small acts of kindness to yourself or others.
  • Kindness is good for your heart. It makes you feel good and affects your heart's chemical balance, releasing oxytocin, which reduces blood pressure. This is another great reason to be kind to yourself and others.
  • Kindness helps reduce stress. Helping others lets you focus on another, letting your worries and problems go.

What To Do Next

Kindness helps you stay healthy, happy, and feel good about yourself. By practicing self-compassion without expectations, you are spreading happiness that has the power to ripple out into the world.

Start With A Loving-Kindness Meditation

You can practice this meditation before you start your day before you go to bed at night, or anytime during the day that feels right. Remember to begin with yourself so you will be filled up, making it easier to give to others.

Let me know how your Loving Kindness practice is going.

If you find this article helpful, share it with others. Thank you.

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Nancy Dadami is an Intentional Creativity Guide, Feng Shui Specialist, and cheerleader for your dreams. Her passion is to empower seekers, conscious creators, healers, and entrepreneurs called to expansion, education, and freedom. This results in living the best version of themselves, creating a life of abundance, self-awareness, purpose, and inner peace. See her website here

The First Step To A Better World Begins With You

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