Have you ever told yourself “If I only had more self-confidence I know I could find the right relationship, be happier, or make more money?”

Your home gives clues about your self-confidence. How you arrange your space influences what and how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about yourself impacts your self-confidence.

Here is an experience from a Feng Shui consultation I had that illustrates this principle:

She was an entrepreneur and told me she wanted more clients. I was looking for clues to the problem of not enough clients. When I asked about a particular piece of furniture she told me she “hated it” and did not know why she kept it. I noticed the despised piece of furniture was in the self-knowledge/Inner Magnificence Bagua area of her living room.

I asked her to tell me about a picture hanging in the kitchen and she told me she “hated it”. I noticed the picture was in the Inner Magnificence Bagua area too. By the time we got to the bedroom, you guessed it she “hated” the item in the Inner Magnificence area there too.

That’s when I told her about her Inner Magnificence mindset. Her home gave clues about her connection to her Inner Magnificence. She was low on self-confidence and had no idea about Inner Magnificence.

The Feng Shui remedy was designed to improve her connection to her Inner Magnificence so she could be more confident and get what she wanted. She implemented the Feng Shui remedy and within 3 months she was happier, more confident and had several new clients.

What happened?

She got connected to her Inner Magnificence. Confidence starts on the inside, that place within you connected to Spirit, Soul and what I call your “Inner Magnificence”. When you are connected to your Inner Magnificence you are part of a team; your Soul Power Team. You and your Soul Power Team communicate and work together for your benefit.

What Happens When Your Inner Magnificence Is Front And Center?

  • You know what you want
  • You get more done
  • You have less stress
  • Your health benefits
  • You are a more pleasant person
  • You are more satisfied with your life
  • You have more self-confidence

How Is This Helpful To Me?

Your conscious connection to your Inner Magnificence stops you from looking for all of your answers out there and reminds you to go within for answers.  Take a breath and connect to your team and wait for your answers. Give your team the opportunity to help you find your answers.  I am not saying not to ask for help or support, but to look within first.

You will also stop trying to be like someone else. Often times in business, people model themselves after a mentor or other successful person. There is not one way to do things. When you connect with your Inner Magnificence you create a path for yourself that is unique to you. Mentors are wise and are experts on their topic.  You can follow their guidance while maintaining your uniqueness.

When you approach decisions from your Inner Magnificence you will save money and time. You will not buy every product that promises you success. You will make choices with clarity and purpose.  You will free up more time to do the activities that are most productive and fulfilling for you.

You take “you” into your personal and professional world every day. When you are aware of and operating from your Inner Magnificence you take the best possible you into every situation.

You may also want to read my article Feng Shui Bagua: Messenger of Your Home And Workplace. This article first appeared on my website blog at www. nancydadami.com .

Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Specialist, Creativity Strategist and Speaker. She teaches open-minded people to live in “the flow” and align with their Inner Magnificence so they can build confidence, magnetize what they want, and thrive as their authentic self in the world”.

The Impact Of Feng Shui On Self-Confidence?

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