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I woke up one morning and I knew I had to do something differently.

I was tired of being alone.

I didn’t know what to do.

And I knew I had to make a change. I believe if you want something different you must do something different.

It had been long enough since I used the excruciating pain of the divorce as a fortress protecting me from being vulnerable and trusting another.

The cost of feeling safe was too high – The price was loneliness.

Sometimes you must wait to be ready. You can’t hurry into a change. I know what you are thinking. Nancy, sometimes I get thrown into a change that I don’t feel ready for. Yes, that does happen, and the change unfolds at its’ own pace, whether it is a choice or a circumstance.

The Manifesting Formula To The Rescue

It is all about getting in the flow and setting your manifesting course. Creating what you want is simple when you get into and maintain Flow.

This process connects and aligns your body, mind and spirit with your intention. My body, mind and spirit were operating like a run-away train, moving toward more loneliness and stress. More about this alignment process later.

Step #1 – Dream until you know what you want.  Grab your journal, put on some soothing music, meditate, and begin writing. Let what you want flow onto the paper. I am talking details here.

I wrote a 3-page list of all the qualities I wanted in a partner. From good sense of humor, respectful, compassionate, honest communicator, to someone who was into personal development and growth. I kept adding to this list for more than a week. Oh, yes, I want to include this too a healthy person, from a loving family, a career that he loves, and a positive lifestyle.

You can do this too. Start dreaming about what you want, just start writing about it in as much detail as you can imagine

You are free -flowing your ideas. No filter on what comes up. Write them down. When you see what you want written down you begin to paint the picture of your desire.

You are the artist of your life – what do you want to paint on your life’s canvas?

Step #2 – Refine your list. Eliminate some items and clarify others. You might discover something new you want to add to the list and picture you are creating.

Write your list in a positive way, incorporating what you want not what you don’t want.  An example I am happy with my new partner, not I don’t want a relationship that makes me feel upset.

I took that original 3-page list and combined some ideas while eliminating others. I focused on what my “must haves” in a partner.

Step #3 – Putting it all together – the body, mind and spirit

The goal here is to connect and align the body with the mind and with the spirit.

The Mind is about your mindset. Think about what you want. You must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are manifesting what you want no matter what is happening around you.

Hold the belief that it is on its way and stay focused. When you get off track by life, bring yourself back to your vision of what you want. If you slide off track again, tell yourself to get back to your vision. Keep doing that every time you get sidetracked from what you want.

You are creating a new way of thinking by believing in your dream. It takes practice. The more you do it the easier it gets.

I knew my ideal partner was on his way to me. When I wavered, I pulled myself back to my belief and focused on the joy that was coming to me.

The Spirit is about your feelings. Your feelings come from a deep place within that is connected to your inner guidance and Soul.

When you are quiet enough to connect to those feelings, believing it is simple.

Imagine the feelings you will have when you manifest your dream. Is it joy, happiness, generosity, peace, love, excitement, passion and beyond?

Let yourself bask in those feelings, allowing the feelings to permeate every cell in your body.

Positive feelings enhance flow and help connect your body and your mind with your spirit.

What do you do if your feelings go negative? Feel them, let them pass through and move back to your vision.

I spent time everyday basking in the feelings of my ideal partnership. This is a critical step.

The Body is about movement. When you move you keep the energy/chi moving, creating positive inner flow through your system.

Your inner flow relies on your activities. You can do slow movements like yoga, tai chi, chi gong, stretching, walking and gardening. Faster movements like running, dancing, kick boxing, and riding a bike keep your energy flowing too.

Your body movement connects the mind and spirit creating the manifesting trifecta.

There is a dance going on between the mind, spirit and body all the time. When harmony is created manifesting happens.

Here Is How The Manifesting Formula Worked For Me.

  • I created my list for the ideal partner
  • I Refined the list
  • I use the manifesting trifecta – mind, spirit and body
  • I placed my list on my home altar

My Results – within 3 months I met my current husband. He had all the qualities on my list. At one point I showed it to him. His comment “This is me, you put in an order for me”.

That is exactly what happened.

It worked for me, I know it can work for you.

The Secret Manifesting Formula That You Need To Know

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