What words come to mind when you look at the horse in the picture here? How would you describe the horse in this picture? Those words are your greatest teachers in the Year of the Wood Horse. Those words have a message for you, your job is to discover it.


The Wood Horse galloped into this year and has not stopped moving. It is time to take the risks necessary to answer the call of your Soul. Yes, it is time to take action. The problem I am hearing from people is they are not sure what action to take. It is one thing to take action and another thing to take Soul guided action.

Imagine standing at buffet table, your mouth watering as you look at all the delicious food. Part of you wants to taste everything, and you know you can't. The Wood Horse Year is like standing at that buffet. There are many new ideas you want to try and there is not enough time for all of them. How do you choose? What is your action plan?

Once you are on your Soul Guided path, with an action plan you need a way to keep the momentum going. The Wood Horse is on a steady course and does not slow down. Is it difficult for you to focus without getting distracted? Do you start something and have trouble finishing it? Is it hard for you to work alone? Are you ready to stop struggling?

If you are not sure what your Soul Guided action is, or don't have an action plan or a process to keep your momentum going The Wind Horse Training Program is the answer for you.. Get clarity, inspiration, action plan, momentum system, community, companionship, coaching, deeper teachings and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom. Take the horse by the reigns and ride towards your destiny with gusto.

The Year of The Wood Horse 2014