Have you ever got the feeling that an idea or action is rising from deep inside you? It is coming from a place other than your thinking mind? And it won't be denied? I had a feeling like that in April. It was the last day of the Be The Change Event and I was sitting with my new friends. We were discussing what action we were going to take when we got home. That is when the feeling rose in me, I did not see it coming. I made the announcement that “I want to SPEAK. I love public speaking and I want to speak about Feng Shui.”

They each looked at me with surprise because I said it with such gusto. There was no doubt, my desire was crystal clear.  I did not know how I was going to do it, I did not have it all thought out with a long range plan. What I did have was a decision. A strong decision of what I wanted. The how was not in my thoughts at all. Once I announced “I want to speak”, life started working to make it to happen. 

The opportunities started coming to me and I made another decision. A decision to say YES. The more I said yes, the more opportunities I got. The speaking opportunities were far greater than anything that I could have planned for myself.

Check out this list of opportunities:

Spoke about Feng Shui, personal power & professional success at AT&T, designed and taught 4 Feng Shui lessons to high school students, spoke at Lions Club about Feng Shui and health, and was interviewed about Feng Shui for health, wealth and prosperity on television.  You can watch the show on this link:

Feng Shui on Television


What do you feel gusto about? What idea or action is rising within you? Make a decision? Can you speak it clearly? Are you ready to say YES to your opportunities?  That is how you get what you want.


This Is How You Manifest

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