This is the home of the energy center or chakra that oversees new beginnings, Spring, family dynamics, social interactions, intimacy, unresolved issues, and foot pain or problems. Each chakra also corresponds to a part of the Feng Shui bagua.  Let's take a look at the chakra and Feng Shui gua that is represented by Spring. Put your hand on your naval, drop down two inches and you will find it.  Your “social center” or “feeling center”, your second chakra. The gua that is represented here is family and the past whether happy, dysfunctional, emotional, or unresolved. This is also the area where we establish our personal boundaries or lack of them. It tends to be the area that we hold unresolved childhood issues. Memories, issues and blocks relating to father are also stored here.

When this chakra is balanced we feel in harmony in our relationships, emotions, and creative forces. When the chakra is underactive we may feel lonely, depressed, and have trouble with creativity. An overactive chakra may be reflected by over eating or excessive sexual activity.

Spring cleaning has a whole new meaning now that we relate spring to our energy body and Feng Shui environment. There are some adjustments that you can make that will assist you in creating harmony in this area of your life. The first adjustment is to use color. The color of this chakra is orange and the color of the family gua is green.  You can surround yourself with these colors, where clothes of these colors, and eat foods that are orange and green to bring balance into your life. fYou can also schedule an appointment for a Crystal Light Therapy session to balanced and align all your chakras. The second is to notice what you have in the “family” area of the bagua.  Let's check it out. This area is on the far left of the room, in the middle, not the top or botton but the middle of the far left side.  What do you see there?  Clutter, old chair, beautiful flowers, TV, sofa, stack of newspapers, or your desk?  Whatever it is will give you a clue as to the health and harmony of this chakra and are of your life.  Want a change? Move your stuff, clean it up, and bring in some life force.  Some artwork that you really like, a healthy plant, a beautiful mirror on the wall, hang a crystal, or windchime in this “family” area.  It is a way to take your spring cleaning to another level. Do let me know what adjustments you make and the changes you also experience as a result of those changes.

Two Inches Below Your Naval – Bingo!

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