Do you jump out of bed in the morning feeling excited about your day? Do you know that beyond a doubt you will be focused, clear and have tremendous energy all day. Ever feel that no matter what comes up you will be able to handle it gracefully? There is a way that you can experience that excitement, focus, clarity, and tremendous energy.

Three weeks ago I renewed my morning practice. Yes, I renewed it because I had let it slip away for awhile. I was too tired in the morning to get up and do it. My to do list was too long and I did not have time for it. I just wanted to move slower in the morning, it was hard to wake up. Sometimes I just had to get that one project finished and I got up and went right to work. During the day I was reacting, not connecting with people and situations and I felt exhausted by then end of the day. In truth, I was accomplishing less and feeling scattered and overwhelmed.

And then it happened, I got a challenge to begin a “Success Ritual”. Something I would design that would get me up and moving in the morning so I would have more vitality. I took the challenge and everything changed.My “Success Ritual” set the tone for my day, and this tone is one that brings me more confidence and joy.  I am more focused, clear and feel like my energy gets a jumpstart each morning. Oh, yes and when challenges appear I handle them much more gracefully than before. I am happier and have more time for fun in my day. Who wouldn't want more fun?  Can I tell you about my “Success Ritual”? This is what works for me:

  • Get up 6 a.m. and within minutes I am off to the gym for movement, 30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of weight lifting, followed by stretching. Then off to the hot tub and shower. I come home and I am dressed and energized to begin my day.
  • I added a 10 minute appreciation rant which I do while I am working on the treadmill. It is uplifting to spend time focused on appreciation.
  • I have been getting insights and decided to record them in a small notepad. Before I start the weight lifting I sit down and record my new insights. Some wonderful ideas and solutions have surfaced.
  • Movement is a critical part of my success. The movement gets your blood flowing, tuning up your body's systems, allowing it to function at it's best.

The first day was very hard, it was still dark outside but I was committed and pushed through my resistance. The results where surprising, I was energized, focused and productive. Each day I get stronger, more confident and more vitality.


Do you have a morning practice”? Something you allow extra time for every morning to set the tone for your day?  A “Success Ritual” you design to bring you the focus, clarity, tremendous energy and grace. I would love to hear what you are doing for a morning practice.

Want More Focus, Clarity, Vitality & Grace?
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