We all attract to our life whatever we give our attention, energy and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted.  The thing I learned about the Law of Attraction is that if I choose what I give my attention, energy and focus to, I can create the kind of life I want.

Every person, place and thing has a vibe or vibration. Today we are focusing on the vibe of people. Our feelings and emotions send our vibes into the world and we pick up the vibes of others through our feelings and emotions. Sometimes it is a good vibes and other times it is a bad vibes.

Each of us sends out either positive vibes or negative vibes. We are always sending out vibes. These vibes affect our thoughts. When you are with someone that makes you feel good you may say “she has good vibes”, or “my uncle gives me negative vibes”.

The Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration you are sending in every moment. Think of your vibration as a magnet, drawing to you experiences that are of similar vibration.  If you are happy, confident, and creative you will draw experiences to you that match the vibration of happy, confident, and creative.

On the other hand if you are angry, lonely, and depressed we attract experiences to us that are similar in vibration as angry, lonely and depressed.

When we choose how and where to put our attention, energy, and focus you will attract more experiences that are wanted and less experiences that are unwanted.

What Is The Law of Attraction?
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