Many years ago my son told me”If you take care of your money, your money it will take care of you”. At the time I was not sure what he meant. Of course that was before my Feng Shui studies. Now I know he was right.
You might be wondering what your wallet has to do with this. Take a look inside your purse or wallet. What you see will tell you a lot about your “wealth factor” and your relationship with money. Is it neat or cluttered, is the paper money flat or folded and is the money in any kind of order? Are you taking care of your money the way you want your money to take care of you? Your “wealth factor” depends on it.

Purses and wallets are the places we hold our money. The condition of this money holder, wallet, is symbolic of our thinking about having money.What's the condition of your purse/wallet? Is it new, clean, tidy, or is it old and worn? Do you keep using the same wallet year after year, even if it looks worn? Or do you get yourself a new wallet at the beginning of each year to set the energy of abundance for yourself in the coming new year? Look at your wallet, what is it symbolizing about your abundance?
What do you carry in your purse/wallet? Do you have old receipts, family photos, credit cards, lipstick, a lucky penny? Not only does the condition of your purse or wallet effect your money, whatever you are carrying around in your purse and wallet is effecting your ability to attract and hold onto money too. Is it cluttered? Wallet clutter not only blocks new opportunities for abundance but can keep you stuck in patterns of scarcity or lack.
Time to take a close look at how you are treating your money by looking at the condition and contents of your purse or wallet. Clutter and disorganization are draining to your abundance. Take a few minutes to clean out your purse and wallet. Carry only items that you love and have great meaning to you. Make time to straighten and organize your money, it will increase your “wealth factor” and your opportunity to receive more.



What's In Your Wallet?

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