“‘Who Else Wants To Live In The Flow In Their Personal & Professional Life In 2018.”

The Earth Dog influences are arriving soon. Will you be prepared? Attend the Forecast Webinar on February 6th and discover how Earth Dog influcences your: Health, Relationships, Personal Power. Prosperity & Business in 2018.

The Earth Dog is arriving at your doorstep on  February 16, 2018, whether you are ready or not – take time to prepare in this 90 minute webinar – you will be glad you did.

I am Nancy Dadami and I have been presenting the Chinese Astrology Annual Forecast event since 2008. In the beginning it was fun to see how the animal of the year influenced my personal and professional life.  Soon others, just like you, told me they had more confidence in areas of health, relationships, personal power, prosperity, and business going into the new year. As people incorporated the forecast information their confidence soared and they felt in  control of their personal and professional life.

 Here is what is covered in the webinar:

  • Discover the talents & challenges the Earth Dog brings you this year
  • 5 Insights for the Earth Dog year to boost your personal power
  • Uncover the gifts and super power of your birth year animal and put them to work for you
  • Receive your personal talisman to boost good fortune and strengthen new beginnings for you in 2018
  • Discover how the Earth Dog influences your Health, Relationships, Personal Power, and Business

After helping my clients incorporate Chinese Astrology into their lives in 2008 I became aware that the turbulance of  not knowing what was coming was a problem for so many people. I made a decision to help as many people as I could to know what to expect so they can stand tall and plan for success in the new year.


Register at the link below

http://nancyhelps.me/Earth Dog

Year Of Earth Dog Forecast for 2018

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