The Metal Rat scurried into your life on January 25th, sat on the throne as the year’s ruler and dominants the energy vibration for the year until February 12th, 2021.

In the year of the Metal Rat create a vision for your life and take steps to make it happen. What do you really want for your life? A satisfying career, inner peace, creative expression, or more money.

This year if filled with opportunities for prosperity, self-indulgence, and new beginnings.

It is a time to take risks and try your ideas. Focus on short term goals and take action to achieve your bigger goals.

If you make a mistake, stop, refocus, and adjust so you can continue to move in the direction of your vision.

Your worry or the worry of others can be an issue in a Rat year. Worry energy fills you and your surroundings with negativity, distrust, and draining vibrations.

What can you do about worry vibrations? Sit quietly, do some soul searching and find an activity that helps calm you and uplifts your vibration such as meditation, yoga, tapping, or intentional painting.

Here are the Rat characteristics that influence you and your surroundings this year

Rats are:

  • Resourceful – they know how to use available resources to get what they need
  • Intelligent – quick to see the potential in a situation and skilled at putting their ideas into action
  • Driven to get things done –may be seen as selfish or stubborn because they keep working until the project is finished
  • Life of the party – they love to socialize and are good at it
  • If they are cornered they will fight – they defend themselves verbally & physically
  • Business Experts – they are excellent in creating & running a business and making investments
  • Connection – Rats find making connections a vital part of life

Although Rats are open and gregarious when challenged they can become loud, talkative, aggressive, and argumentative. Watch for that energy in yourself and others this year.

Notice when you are in challenged Rat energy and use meditation, exercise, or painting to bring you back to your centered self.

The Influence of the Metal Element This Year

The metal element of this year’s Rat is about organizing and managing your resources. It is a time of intense emotions for you and/or others. You may see or experience feelings of urgency, anger, or jealousy.

We are moving away from the easy-going Pig year into a more extreme and intense Rat year.

Metal brings up questions for you to ponder. How can you effectively use your resources? Are you managing your resources in the best way now? How can you trust in yourself?

Do you listen to your intuition even when it is difficult to follow through?

Making money is a metal characteristic. You may know the phrase “You have to spend money to make money”.

It is part of the Metal Rat philosophy. You will have many opportunities to take courses, buy equipment or invest in education.

Material things are important to the Metal Rat, more so than experiences. It is easy to slip into a mindset of “buy more stuff” in a Metal Rat year.

Before you buy ask yourself “Is this item really going to add to my happiness in life or is it just something I think I have to have?”

What Happened in the Last Metal Rat Year?

The last Metal Rat year was in 1960. It is valuable to consider what history reveals about the last time this energy was dominant. Here are a few snippets from 1960:

  • 4 African American students sit at a segregated lunch counter in Woolworth’s, sparking the Greensboro sit-ins which led to Woolworth’s removing its policy of racial segregation in the Southern United States.  
  • France tested it’s first atomic bomb to become the world’s 4th nuclear power.
  • The FDA approved the first birth control pill. This started the sexual revolution of the sixties.
  • Vice President Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy appear in the first televised presential debate.
  • John F. Kennedy was elected the 35th President of the United States.
  • While campaigning for President John F. Kennedy announces his idea for the Peace Corps.

 The Metal Rat in 2020 will create his own history, stories, and changes.

Who Is Compatible with the Rat?

Remember when you were in high school? You probably had a best friend and a few other good friends. If your best friend was angry with someone you sided with your friend and were angry too.

It works the same way with the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

The animals that resonate with the Rat’s energy vibration tend to be his friends and flourish in a Rat year. 

Rat’s friends are the Ox, Dragon, and Monkey which means they know how to navigate this type of energy with grace.

The Horse is the most challenged by the Rat because their energy does not flow well together. They are the most distant. It is easy for the Horse to get their feelings hurt in a Rat year.

To flourish the Horse must change their approach to situations this year. They may have to change their lifestyle to get healthy, let go of friends that are negative, or slow down and rest more.

Change is challenging for Horse and change is what they must do this year.  All of this must be done without complaints.

Putting It All Together

The energy vibration of the Metal Rat flows through you, others, and your surroundings. The influence is always there in relationships, politics, health, money, family, your career, and life journey.

Create a vision for your life, take steps to make it happen, make a plan to deal with worry, organize and manage your resources,  be mindful of your desire to spend money, and be aware of when emotions are out of balance.

Notice when you or someone around you is feeling intense and have a strategy to deal with it.

Happy New Year and may the Metal Rat year be prosperous, meaningful and filled with inner peace.

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Nancy Dadami is a Flow Strategist, Creatively Fit Coach, and Soul Flow Artist. Her passion is to teach coaches, consultants, empaths, and healers to live in “the flow”, manifest their dreams, and create abundant inner peace in their life and business.

Year of the Metal Rat – What Does He Bring You?

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