Tiger with Cub

The Water Tiger is approaching, and they are bringing a completely different kind of energy to you to work with this year. 
We are going from the symbol of a seedling breaking through the soil from the Metal Ox year to the crest of a big wave for the Water Tiger Year. 
We are at a point to make decisions, and we have to make them fast. The crest of a wave does not wait long before it spills over. 
Think of yourself as a surfer this year – riding the wave.
No experience is necessary – you will be riding the wave.
Today you can watch a video I created to give you more details about the energy of the Water Tiger, how to recognize it, how to get the most out of it, the “triple threat,” and 8 tips to support you in more peace, vibrant health, prosperity, & joy.

Here is the Link to the Video

Year Of The WaterTiger, Ready Or Not Here They Come