Imagine my excitement when I practiced the creation process and got what I intended. You can do it too. The process is simple to learn and easy to follow. It is based on the premise that everything has a vibration. You have heard of “vibe”, right? You might have heard it when someone said “I get good vibes from that restaurant” or “He has great vibes” or “Whenever I talk about war I get bad vibes”.

Your personal vibes are determined by how you feel. That's right, how you feel determines the vibes you are sending out into the world. Your vibes are either positive and uplifting or negative and draining. The vibes you send out are like magnets attracting more of the same to you. An example of this is would be someone complaining about not having enough money. They are in a vibe of lack. They are sending out negative vibes that attract more negative vibes of lack to them.  It also works for the positive. Someone that feels gratitude taps into a positive vibe and sends out a magnet to attract more experiences that generate gratitude in their life. If you are not getting what you want take a look at what feelings you have, what thoughts you are thinking and what words you are using. Are they positive and uplifting or negative and draining.

You can have it all using the creation process. I have used the creation process with clients and for myself. Everyone has seen great  results.

The Creation Process ~ Get More Of What You Want

Step 1. What do you want? Spend time getting clarity. If you can have it all what is “all” for you right now?

Step 2. Picture It. Visualize what you want.

Step 3. See yourself in the picture. Visualize yourself doing, being, having your “all”.

Step 4. Feel It. After you know what you want, you visualize it, and you visualize yourself in the picture, your next step is to Feel the emotion of having it.  Allow yourself time to actually feel the emotion of having it. This is the most critical step.

Step 5. Put It Into Words. This is the fifth step after clarity, visualizing and feeling. Now you are ready to put it into words.  Use words that are: Positive ~ Present (in the now) ~ Clear.  Say ” I am…..”

Step 6. Always finish with ” I make this intention for the best and highest good for the Universe, myself, and everyone everywhere. So be it and so it is.

Yes, it is that simple. You can have it all by following the Six Step Creation Process.

You Can Have It All

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