Your home has a unique structure and energy that mirrors you and the health of your body systems. Your choices, thoughts and expressions all contribute to your emotional, spiritual and physical well being. What have you been thinking lately? How have you been expressing yourself, or not expressing yourself? What choices have you been making to honor yourself? The answers to these questions will help you see if you are supporting or depleting your energy and well being.

Floor plan design, furniture placement, plumbing, electrical systems, landscaping, house plants, fireplaces, water features  lamps, sound and  electro-magnetic fields all give information about the  health of different body systems and organs. Your home is a reflection of the health of your body and all it's many parts. Any change you make in your environment will be reflected in your body systems.

 I was on a Feng Shui consultation with a family.  The husband had a lot of unresolved health problems that created a lot of chronic pain for him.  When I evaluated his floor plan I could see the potential cause for some of his problems was a staircase that went down(in the health area of the energy template) to a lower level of his home.  He also had “spirits” in his home that he was not aware of.  During the home visit I gave him severl remedies to improve his health and did a space clearing ceremony to remove the “spirits”.  Within days he was feeling much better. The doctors were able to finally give him a diagnosis that they could treat and his hope of returning to good health was restored.  He was pain free for the first time in a long time. He also landed a client that he had been working on for several months.
His home was a reflection of his emotional, spiritual and physical being.
Look at the mirror your home is showing you.  What do you see?
Your Home Mirrors You and Your Health
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