There is an area of your bedroom that reflects what you believe about yourself.  Your bedroom is like a mirror and it reflects your current beliefs about many things.  How and where you place the objects in your bedroom gives information about your beliefs. A closer look will reveal clues to help you understand and make changes or improvements in your life.
Stand in the doorway to your bedroom.  Look to the left, the area in the lower left corner represents “the self” and “knowledge”. I also like to think of it as your “inner magnificence”, your belief about self. Take a look around, what do you see there? How do you feel about what you see? Do you see books, a plant, a fan, furniture, dirty laundry basket, clutter, or a wall?  The placement of your things is giving you clues to your current beliefs about learning and your inner self.

Feng shui adjustments to this area improves confidence, self-esteem, worthiness, inner joy, happiness, and learning of any kind.   

I was on a Feng Shui consultation and we were looking in the area of self/knowledge. The client said she hated a piece of furniture that was in that area.  In fact, she said she disliked something in almost every room that was in the self/knowledge area. I told her this was the area of her “inner magnificence”.  She was surprised and amazed and she asked for some help tunining up that area.  I suggested she find things that she loved and were a reflection of her inner magnificence and place them in those areas.  This began a journey of finding her joy. She had great fun looking for items to put there and said the process helped her see her newly discovered inner magnificence.

Does your self/knowlege and inner magnificence area at home or work need a tune-up? What is reflected about you in that gua? How do you feel about what objects are there? Are you in need of a positive change?


Your Inner Magnificence
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