I said “Yes” to the invitation without thinking.  I signed up for a Soulcollage® workshop to support my friend, Sandy. Well there was a bit of curiosity about the topic, but I was confident that rallying around my friend as she offered her first SoulCollage® workshop was my only reason to attend. I was in for a surprise!
inner critic
The only guideline was to get out of my head and let the images choose me. Then make a collage. That sounded simple  I could hear the others creating and sharing their collages. I was struggling. I kept asking myself “Is this the right image for me? I don't know, maybe” Of course I was jumping into my head letting my inner perfectionist run the show. I picked up and image, ran it through my inner critic and put it back in the pile.
“What is wrong with me? It is only an image Nancy, just choose one, start somewhere. I finally settled on two seals.  I made my first SoulCollage® card. Through that collage my Soul gave me the most amazing messages. I was introduced to my Inner Critic that day.
I took those messages and watched how my inner critic worked in my life. I saw the times when I put myself down or when others criticized me. My Soul wanted me to see what I was doing to myself.and what I was doing to myself by letting others criticize me.
(The collage on the right is that first SoulCollage card I made. It looks like an Inner Critic wouldn't you agree?)
It was that noticing that turned my life in a new direction. I started attending Sandy's workshops for myself now. The depth of communication that was developing between me and my Soul made  so much sense to me. I had a new tool to grow and heal.
In 2009 I became a certified SoulCollage Facilitator. I have been making SoulCollage cards and diving into the messages from my Soul since then.
Here is an example of my latest creations and the conversations with my Soul.
Is The Enthusiasm Keeper
Loves to laugh and play
Sees life in many colors, yet know we are all connected
Let's joy overflow from my heart
Has a heart vortex around me
Believes in the power of God
Lives in amazement & awareness & knowing
Is grateful for my family
Knows living from the heart is the way
Is still part of you even though you grew up
Knows you are always connected to source, trust that

When I look at the above SoulCollage card it makes me feel happy and reminds me that my enthusiasm is always available for me to tap into.
Here is another SoulCollage card I made last week along with some of the Soul Messages for me.




Steps into my “trust” place with ease
Sees that my small self is there reflecting back to me
Is comforted by beauty & simplicity
Knows the Universe provides for me even when I  am scared
Is innocent and free
Knows my source has an eye on me all of the  ime
Notices reflections of myself in other people and  places all around me
Trusts that I am safe
This card makes me feel stronger in my faith that all is well, God has my back.
I was told by Seena Frost, the creator of SoulCollage that “The Soul communicates with us through images”. I know that it true for me.
Take a look at the three cards and see if they have a message for you too. Your messages could be different than mine. That is the beauty of letting the images share their messages with each of us.
Let Your Inner Magnificence Show You the Way,
Your Soul Is Talking To You ~ Are You Listening?

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