Here Is A Feng Shui Clearing Method and House Blessing You Can Use To Improve Your Peace of Mind

Imagine you are standing in the place you call home. How do you feel when you are there? Are you at ease, relaxed and happy in your home? Does your home nourish and replenish you? Do you feel somehow “off” when you are in your home?  You know something is amiss and you can’t figure out why you just aren’t comfortable there. Or do you wake up stressed with all you have to get done?

3 Step Feng Shui Formula to Boost Your Confidence,Clarity & Peace of Mind

Today I am going to tell you the  3 step Feng Shui Formula that will bring you more Confidence, Clarity and Peace of Mind. Have your ever put yourself on hold to get your “work” done? Have you ever put your family on hold because you had so much to do and you were determined to get it all done? Have you ever thought if I just work harder or longer I will make progress

Do Things Happen In Your Home That You Can’t Explain?

She had just gone to bed, turned out the light and it started again.  Her bed was moving sideways, it was not an earthquake. She lay in the dark trembling. Who would believe that her bed had moved with no one in the room? They would think she was crazy.She was going to have to tell someone because it kept happening and she couldn’t take it anymore. His 3 year old daughter said “Daddy tell the boy to go away,

No Clients…..Blame Your Desk

woman smiling at desk

Is your desk facing the wall, facing the window, or in direct line with the door? Can you see the door when you are sitting at the desk? The placement of your desk influences your prosperity, peace of mind, and opportunities for success. One of my clients had her desk in direct line with the door; getting things accomplished was a struggle. She had been working on a project without much progress. When she moved

Feng Shui Tip #6 Predecessor Energy

Who occupied  in your home or workplace before you? Were they successful, happy or did they go bankrupt or get divorced? You really should know because their energy may be affecting your happiness and success. Every person that has ever occupied your current space has deposited a vibe there. To coin Clint Eastwood, whether it be good, bad, or ugly they have left a vibe in your space. That is why a Feng Shui specialist wants to

Feng Shui Tip #9

Are looking for something you can do to improve your luck and good fortune? There are several Feng Shui enhancements that bring good luck and good fortune. There is one Feng Shui remedy that not only brings great luck and fortune to you it also improves your karma. Professor Lin suggests “performing one good deed everyday for 27 days”. This is a powerful Feng Shui remedy and will improve your luck, good fortune, karma, and

A Golden Opportunity Tiger Tune-Ups

Are you working hard and falling short of where you want to be? Do you wish you had more time, energy, and focus? Looking for more abundance and prosperity in your life? How Much Would You Benefit From? Maximizing your time, energy, and effort? Creating change that really matters? Living a life of abundance, success and balance?