Feel scattered? Blame Your Headboard

Do you ever feel scattered? Shaky? Powerless? Or ungrounded? It could have something to do with the headboard on your bed. The feelings you have are related to your surroundings. That may sound crazy to you right now, stick with me and find out why. Purpose of the headboard The purpose of having a headboard is to create stability, personal power, and a feeling of being grounded in the world. The headboard should be attached

Will Feng Shui In A Bedroom Help Cure Insomnia?

Margie was an emergency room nurse. She knew she was making a difference, like the time she held a woman’s hand that was terrified because she was traveling, away from home and came into the emergency room hemorrhaging. Margie was calm, held the woman’s hand, wiped away her tears, and talked with the woman until she was calm. Margie called me for help. She had was not sleeping through the night. Often, she would wake

The 6 Flow Controllers Everyone Needs To Know

Your home tells a story about you. Yes, you heard me right. It tells a story about your financial situation, your relationships or lack of them, it tells a story about your health, family, career, and your children. How does that happen? It is all about flow and energy. What is happening in your life is reflected in your floor plan. Just like you see a reflection of yourself in the mirror, you can see

5 Ways Feng Shui Vision Boards Help You Reach Your Dreams

There are people waiting for you to tell your story and share the gifts only you have. Telling your breakthrough story inspires others to believe they can transform too. Don’t make them wait too long. A Feng Shui Vision Board helps you align your dreams and intentions with your surroundings, to magnify your ability to reach your dreams. Do you have a dream? Are you living your ideal life? Is there something that seems to

11 Feng Shui Tips To Reduce Stress For The Holidays

Does the thought of gathering with your family for the holidays make you stressed, overwhelmed or cranky?  The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, love, and happy families, but for many people feelings of loneliness, obligation, and stress surface as the holiday season gets underway. I have talked with several people that are feeling overwhelmed by getting ready for the holidays and family gatherings this year. They are worried about having time

2 Feng Shui Ways To Stop Your Money Leaks

How are you spending your money? Do unexpected expenses find you short of cash at the end of the month? Do you struggle with your budget? Is it possible that the cause of your money leaks may be hidden from you? Money leaks could show up as your car engine blowing up, an increase in taxes, your pet chewing up one of your shoes and now you have to buy another pair. I got the call

Help For Cravings – It Is Easier Than You Think

Do you ever have cravings? You know those thoughts that keep nagging you about something that will not go away until you give in. It happens to all of us, so you are not alone. Where does that craving come from? Your words, whether thoughts or spoken are like magnets attracting those very words to you. Watch the video and see if you get insights to help you quiet or stop your cravings. Your words

3 Ways Feng Shui Helps You Say Yes To What You Want

What are you saying yes to? Growing your business, building wealth, creating more fulfilling relationships, living a healthy lifestyle, focusing on personal growth, peace of mind, or living a life with meaning. You can have whatever you say yes to. But there is a secret and that is what I want to share with you here. I discovered the secret on my way to opening to my yes. This is the thing we trick ourselves